My brain struggles with a tidy process

This post is for all the folks who feel the pressure to fit their work into a tidy system but struggle when they do. This post isn’t a cry for help or solicitation for advice; it is simply a statement of my experience in hopes that it will create space for others.

I desperately want to be productive. To fit into a bucket where I can have a definitive process. I want a go-to method for creating, organizing, and capturing my thoughts and connecting them to more significant thinking.

But I haven’t found a system. I think this is okay. There are many great tools, but my mind doesn’t seem to fit into one definitive process or tool. My approach is messy. I like to think of things in scattered and random ways, let them sit, and come back to them. I draw, take notes, and capture ideas in disparate ways. Different tools and environments spark divergent ideas. Using one piece of software or process doesn’t help me think. It doesn’t help my work. It frustrates me to no end, but I have come to accept that my mind doesn’t work the same as others.

There are countless tools out there that I enjoy (or want to enjoy):

Whenever I find myself trying to be disciplined about a process or sticking to a handful of methods, I worry more about how I am doing things than what I am doing.

I am more concerned about what I build and create than how I build it. I have seen my fair share of people who have a fantastic process but don’t create much impact. I don’t want to be known for having a great and organized process. I want to be known for making great things.

I may find a system that fits how my brain processes information. And maybe I won’t. So if you are in the same camp, let’s stop beating ourselves up and comparing our process to others, and let’s continue to do great work.